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Quality at scale, powered by an expert blend of AI/ML and engineering ingenuity.

Software quality comes from solid engineering.

You won’t achieve organizational objectives around velocity and productivity by just adding testers to a flawed process. Your first step on the way to boundary-breaking transformational change is to look holistically at your quality landscape. We start by listening and learning. After a thorough assessment, we collaborate with you to chart an automation-first roadmap that enables continuous quality – ultimately giving you freedom to constantly improve and to focus on the innovations that drive your business.


Bringing Continuous Testing Into the Software Delivery Pipeline

Our Core
Focus Areas

Cloud Assurance

Your testing needs change as you move to the cloud or implement cloud-native infrastructure. Validating individual components for reliability, security and scalability requires new approaches, methodologies and tooling. Our years of engineering experience and deep partnerships with Amazon, Google and Microsoft enable us to assist your cloud transformation in:

Serverless & Microservices Automated Testing
Chaos Engineering & Resiliency Testing
Continuous Load & Performance Testing
Infrastructure & Application Security Validation
Seamless Integration in Cloud-Native Pipelines
Configurable & Replaceable Quality Gates

Engineering & DevOps Transformation

Getting greater visibility into your teams’ operations enables you to constantly improve and ship quality software at scale. Through our quality process assessment, our experts bring an engineering mindset and take an integrated approach.

We collaborate with your teams, analyze your development pipeline, crack open your tests and automation framework, and use metrics from your issue tracking systems to benchmark your current state. Our teams help strengthen your SDLC foundations and build upon solid, well-understood automation frameworks so that you can reach a perpetual state of improvement. 

Quality at Scale

Quality at scale happens when you improve your effectiveness as you grow. Sometimes your business grows faster than your ability to ship the quality that your customers demand. We solve these quality challenges by complementing your in-house teams or staff autonomous project teams with engineers whose talent is recognized throughout the industry. 

Whether you need test automation professionals, performance engineers, QA architects or engineers with rare skills, our testers go beyond testing – they’ll leave your products and processes better than they found them, so you’re ready for your next phase of growth.  

How We Work
with You

We offer several engagement models ranging from consultation to enablement to execution, giving you precisely the services you need to achieve your objectives. No matter how you choose to work with us, we bring an engineering mindset to your biggest challenges, with the goal of empowering your team.





Epic Games: Transforming the Gaming Industry

Our Testing

Through pragmatic open source tools, you’ll achieve smarter, faster, and more consistent development and release processes.

Testing Types
We Support

    • Product Experience Testing
    • Test Automation
    • Test Data Management
    • Functional & Exploratory Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Accessibility Testing
    • Security Testing
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“Digital testing is a core capability for EPAM, as the provider leverages its engineering approach to quality: defining optimal architectures, implementing test automation and creating strong tool combinations.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services,
Worldwide, 2020


“EPAM provided strong proof points and client examples of successful agile and DevOps transformations with testing, which led to above-average transformation services scores. This proven track record, in our opinion, demonstrates EPAM as a dedicated partner that delivers both immediate and long-term value in quality engineering.”

The Forrester Wave: Continuous Automation And Testing Services, Q3 2021

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