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Telecom, Media & Entertainment Regulations

  • Navigating the regulatory landscape to future-proof your company.

In our increasingly complex regulatory environment, one of the biggest threats to every business is incompliance. Consumers are expressing greater concerns around their privacy and more intelligent technologies like Generative AI are infiltrating the market at lightening speed. This is causing increased pressure on companies – especially those in the telecom, media and entertainment (TME) industry – to assess and adapt their systems and business models to remain compliant with new legislation. EPAM’s deep expertise in data privacy, security, risk and compliance, combined with our TME industry experience, helps you ensure you are up to date on the newest regulations, so your business has end-to-end solutions in place that not only make you compliant but competitive and resilient.

Our Core
Focus Areas

Digital Risk Management

By taking a digital-first approach to risk management, our team of experts identifies and mitigates risk throughout your entire business and IT ecosystem. From implementing end-to-end risk assessment and management to ensuring continued and comprehensive regulatory compliance, we can propel your company’s organizational efficiency.

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Operational Resilience

By leveraging emerging technology and our combined expertise in data privacy, security, risk and compliance in the TME industry, we assess and monitor your internal and external business environment. We then plan and test processes and systems against potential scenarios and develop disaster recovery strategies to place business continuity at the heart of your operations.

Vendor Management

As many TME companies rely heavily on an ecosystem of service providers, vendor management is a critical component of regulatory compliance. We conduct third-party evaluations and network analysis and then implement systems automation so your business can rest assured that vendor management is embedded within your risk management strategy and integrated across your entire value chain.

Data Privacy & Protection

Data privacy is paramount to both consumers and regulators. We embed data privacy and protection practices throughout your company's operations to ensure compliance with regulations that cover responsible data usage. As the entire TME business model is based on vast amounts of data, EPAM emphasizes continuous secure data management and visualization while thoroughly evaluating data collection, storage, handling, sharing and dismissal practices. 

Compliance for the Future

We think beyond paper-based compliance checklists and leverage AI-powered tools to automate repetitive routine tasks across your processes and systems. By embedding compliance as a code and providing transparency in risk and compliance across the enterprise, we ensure your business is future-proofed against current and future regulations.

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  • Our Capabilities
Khrystyna Lermak


Head of EU & APAC Digital Risk Management, EPAM

Khrystyna Lermak
Boris Khazin


Global Head of Digital Risk Management, EPAM

Boris Khazin
Alix Burge


Head of Telecom Consulting, EMEA, EPAM

Alix Burge
Olaf Acker


Director of Telecom, Media and Entertainment Consulting, EPAM

Olaf Acker
Andrii Vyazovskyi


Governance, Risk & Compliance Consultant, EPAM

Andrii Vyazovskyi
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